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Last hope: Looking for Artists!

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    Last hope: Looking for Artists!

    Jamsoft Studios

    UT3 Modification

    Hello everyone,

    Last hope mod is now looking for artists to get our game into further development. Our concept artists have been working very hard. Here is a summary of the story without giving away any big twists.

    It is the year 2156. Due to many countries in conflict, the people of Earth agreed to form two super continents that would hold all of the Earth's countries and people. The Eastern and Western Empires. Times were peaceful and as it seemed there would never be another war and all weapon development ceased across the globe. On the most decorated night of the year, the Global Peace Ball, an evil plot was discovered by Commander Grey of the Eastern Empire military. The Western Empire has been developing nuclear weapons in secret. Now with their nuclear weapons, they plan on taking over the Eastern Empire and claiming the world as their own. Sent on a mission by the Eastern Empire government, Commander Grey must arm his troops and lead them into battle against the powerful Western Empire army. Your job? Infiltrate enemy forces and bring them down from within. You are Commander Grey. You are Last Hope.

    We have released a media day pack for the community to see our work, that can be found here:

    Last hope mod is now searching for artists the positions we are looking for are:

    -Weapon; character; prop modelers
    -Level Designers/Mappers
    -3D Animators
    -Texture Artists

    If you would like to join please PM me or post here for more information. You can find more information about the mod at: Jamsoft Studios

    Thank you,