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list of ideas (pc&ps3 please)

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    list of ideas (pc&ps3 please)

    unlimited health

    unlimited jumpboots

    redeamer switchable

    realstic guns

    sword (with better controls) alt fire block) fire attack)

    hoverboard into skateboard

    surfing level

    zombie mod

    army troops character design

    level (like ur little army men ina huge world) giant pencils, erasers etc...notebooks as tents(all physics based like lego)

    TOYSTORY level(cardboard houses,burrows, cribs, little toy ppl standing around

    classic cars(make the vehicles like older cars)

    super smash bros (2d map with same dammage physics as super smash bros... would be kool with a few new characters for ps3 version like( KRATOS, RIKIMARU, NATHAN HALE, NARIKO, DRAKE, BLOOD RAYNE, MARIO, LUIGI, PIKACHU(would be awesome 2 kill an army of them) ZELDA, DK

    I REALLY WOULD LIKE 4 PS3 please

    Almost all of these have already been requested, please use the search toolbar.


      I don't think surfing is possible in UT3 (thanks to the crappy plane water they stuck us with), but there's a snowboard mod. A lot of the other ones have already been made.


        thanks & sry still tring 2 get used 2 this forum