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Swords instead of Impact Hammers

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    Swords instead of Impact Hammers

    I really fancy the idea of using swords instead of the impact hammer. Something I wish was done for UT2004 with the shield gun.

    Layered Steel Sword:

    Primary Fire: Swing/Charge Swing (Max charge of 1.5 seconds/Swings automatically after 2 seconds or once button is released.)
    Alt Fire: Block (Perhaps will need to determine what it can block other than swords. Maybe instead of completely adverting attacks, lower damage taken from other weapons.)
    Cooldown: (up to experiment; Preferably swift, but a little slow after full charges.)
    Damage: (would need to experiment.)


    Same as above only when charged and released sword is thrown. Up to mutator setting maybe?

    Cant help but think about this when playing Unreal 2D, however to do that and make it look good it'd take custom animations for the whole body. (Example: When jumping and swinging downwards.) I think it's too much effort unless someone else is willing. I'd just be happy with getting a sword to use.

    the coda sword is

    and it is one hell of a weapon
    love it

    so much fun to use
    u can also direct the movement of the sword which i think is awesome and it comes with a shaky camera screen and 3rd person view

    still i would love to play with a Lightsaber


      YAY! Someone's made a sword!


        i want a katana


          Originally posted by Bi()ha2arD View Post
          i want a katana
          already requested the people at codamod lol


            Its too bad Chaos will not be coming to UT3. It always had swords if I remember correctly.

            I should have stepped up and offered my coding help, but I felt I didn't have the time. Which is probably true, but still I should have at least tried. I feel like a lazy bum now.


              Heh, thanks for the mention Larkin. Some talented folks over the years did in fact make some great sword action for Chaos. Had we had a UT3 version, I was hoping to see a return to our old 1st person ******* Sword as a start-up weapon.

              The Q2 version

              UT99 version

              Then of course we went to the 3rd person stuff for UT2x and the Duel game type.

              Was cool how it got 'bloodier' as you got more kills.

              But anyway... , we're still looking for another game to mod, and another coder, but for the moment we're not doing anything else yet, so.... if you ever change your mind, look me up. Maybe it's not too late. ;p

              I need to get an update (gonna park in chat a lot today), but there's still an _outside chance_ we're going to have our grappling hook and Anti-Gravity Belt for CUT3, if nothing else. An effort was underway at least.



                Are the swords gona be on the PS3 ? i would realy apreciate that , it would be awsome:P


                  Did anyone make a lightsaber?

                  Pls pls pls give link.


                    Forgive my previous n00biness. I just made a freaking lightsaber cause no one else would. Check out the progress and stuff of the lightsaber maps and code in the Current projects link in my signature.