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    UT3 to GOW

    Ive seen a GOW conversion for UT2004 so i think its possible for a GOW UT3 conversion. GOW doesn't have bot support so...

    For a more GOW feel try the following mutators:

    BattleMOD - Copy the following to UTBattleMOD.ini in Config
    CfgCheckConfig=DO NOT REMOVE THIS!

    CfgCheckConfig=DO NOT REMOVE THIS!

    Action Cam - Without this UT3 wouldn't have a GOW feel
    Gibalicious - Extra Splatters.....
    MaxLives: 1 - Edit in UTGame.ini
    Multijump - only allowed to jump once (may cause problems for bots, thats why we need a GOW friendly map with no jumps)
    Realweapons - Use only the chainsaw
    Cluster rifle - this weapons alt fire is similar to torque bow because it can stick on walls
    Runestorm's pitbull shotgun - use this weapon's alt fire close to an enemy with the gibalicious mutator

    What we still need:

    GOW weapon inventory - Only aloud 3 weapons in your inventory (more strategic battles)
    GOW Ragdoll - When a player gets headshot his body freezes for a few seconds, then he goes into ragdoll mode.
    GOW weapons - the heart of GOW. The waepons change every aspect of the game.
    GOW characters - we could use a bit more players, gibs and sounds. (Thanks UX Loki for getting us most GOW characters).
    GOW maps - only GOW themed map i know of is CTF-Immulsion. Team mates spawn at their sides not in random places
    GOW HUD - Is this possible?
    GOW Running - Holding Spacebar - the player crouches. the walking speed increases. the bobbing of weapons increases. A screen shake like the one from a redeemer explosion. You can only run when u dont have power-ups.
    Try crouching and changing the walking speed from BattleMOD.
    GOW Reload of weapons - weapon reloads. the UT3 sniper reload is way to fast compared to GOW
    GOW Rounds - like a gametype similar to GOW. Edit number of rounds to 5 (or best out of 3)
    GOW health bar - instead of having a digital health bar we could have a middle on screen health bar similar to GOW (GOW HUD).
    GOW Blood screen - happens when using Chainsaw (lancer) and shotgun. (Gibalicious has this effect).
    GOW crosshair - custom crosshair from GOW weapons (crosshair is hidden until right click - see GOW zoom weapon)
    GOW zoom weapon - (Alt fire) or (right mouse click) a zoom similar from the zoom you get when using the AVRIL's alt fir zoom. Also torque bow with the line). zoom should be for lancer, torque bow....
    GOW Team - no team colours to confuse players (i hate team colours because i could see my enemy from far away)
    GOW Team Death match - players spawn in their base not randomly
    GOW covering system - If only if only....... but with bot support and map support.
    GOW weapons switch - Switching should be visible. UT3 using action cam - the weapon switching is like the player magically got the weapon out from nowhere.

    I know, "why don't you just play Gears?" Because Gears doesn't have bot support.
    Right now UT3 is a crazy fragging game (maniac guys on steriods told to kill each other for no reason)
    GOW is a more strategic game thats why a lot of people like it.
    You could turn this into a TC-MOD
    In another way think of it as this: The more popular UT3 gets the more players the more MODS!

    I know its kinda long. some people are working on it but i dont know their progress. Any ideas?

    PS. I am not a modder

    GOW is a more strategic game thats why a lot of people like it.
    Urgh. No, it's just a slower game. Thats why a lot of people like it.


      More strategic game than UT3 thats what i meant and its much slower of course


        Never figured out why Strategic == Slow


          well yeah cause UT3 is more fast paced than GOW


            Ever played a duel against someone with half decent skills? You'll need more strategy to win than hiding against a block of cement. The best players will dazzle you with their timing, predictive fire and movement which are all elements of their strategy.


              sorry what i mean is that you rarely see UT3 frag video posts

              go on youtube and you'll see more GOW frag videos than UT3. I want to see UT3 aswell with the rypel cam that would be so awesome

              GOW involves skills

              PS. forgot to add blind fire


                Originally posted by Tweakd View Post
                Urgh. No, it's just a slower game. Thats why a lot of people like it.
                That's much too simplistic of an assesment of the differences. GOW is not just "slower." It's a completely different style and genre of game play.

                Ultimately, the level of complexity and skill in a deathmatch style environment in the original UT has yet to be matched, in my opinion, but Gears is one of the freshest shooters to come out since 99.

                Using this logic would you say that UT99 is a much slower game than UT2004 and that's why a lot of people liked it?


                  Originally posted by JumaAm View Post
                  sorry what i mean is that you rarely see UT3 frag video posts
                  If they fixed the demo recs already.............