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    UT3 Onyx Coast

    Does everyone rememeber the trailer in which Onyx Coast was featured? in the trailer it looked SOOOO much cooler than in the final game, there were MUCH more vehicles like Hellbender's, SPMA's, Manta's, Cicada's, Paladins and more!! in the final game their is only ONE friggin leviathan for one of the teams and the oher team has some necris vehicles

    Also the design of the map in the game is completely different to the trailer that was shown, the Nodes are ON TOP of the buildings instead of being inside them, the turret that was by the bridge has been removed and there's is now a ****ty rocket turret instead near the top of the building by the bridge!! and also the map is smaller in the full game than it looked in the Trailer, I just don't like the final design as much, I would have absolutely Loved it if the map remained how it was in the trailer, I have no Idea why Epic decided to make it smaller and re design it and take pretty much all the vehicles out.

    If somebody could re make this map I would appreciate it sooooooo much, it would be awesome if somebody could add all the vehicles that were shown in the awesome trailer and try to re design the map to suit the trailer, it would be fantastic.

    I agree the map that was in the trailer looked really good and would be a credit to the game if released also release the music on that trailer it rocked ;p


      i dont recall that trailer
      mind finding it?


        I already have made a thread about this and yes I would like it back, I plan on getting mod tools soon and I've researching on how to mod. I'll need help though, I need to get other modders to help me recreate the map.


          this is the vid



            After watching the video I really don't think that there is much difference. I think it is the way that it has been "filmed" which makes it look larger than it is. The map looks exactly the same size except that it has more vehicles in. Also the nodes are inside the building, and from the looks of the video, this was probably just put in there to make it rather than it being a permenant placement. I say this because the tops of the node housing building have no real decoration at all and look very bland, leading me to believe that the make was still a WIP when that video was made.

            Also the rocket turret was originally on the lower part of the bridge node but this was probably moved to the top to make way for the jumppads.

            I am sure that all the changes made were done for the better in Epics opinion. Perhaps it was too overcrowded before and they felt that the nodes needed to be moved to the top to make use of the vehicles in node destruction.


              Syphyx, look at this video:, you would have a better vision of the map And bot voice were so good is this gameplay made you wish to play in instant action...

              I agree that i would like to see an Onyx Cost 2 version, bigger, with more vehicles and destructible environment!

              Orb conduit place could be replaced by a node with orb spawner, so the map would have 4 nodes with orb spawners with 2 nodes insides buildings and maybe with orb spawn at their top for middle nodes and the center free node for the bridge, which could be more important in order to let go big vehicles on the other map side ... if i knew do mapping...


                Thanks for the Trailer links
                That map looks really fun
                It also looks imbalanced
                Axon would do circles around the Necris if they had all of those vehicles AND a Leviathan


                  that map looks completely different
                  i wonder why they didnt add it to the game
                  it looks really freaking awesome: more nodes, bigger map, more vehicles [hellbender, turret, nemesis, cicada, paladin, SPMA, goliath], interactive objects [the big rock bridge thingy you can destroy, and other rock pillars/points you can destroy]
                  and even the nodes and cores are positioned different

                  but you gotta notice this:
                  -the orb doesnt work in that version of the map: when the main player walks over the red node, with the blue orb, nothing happens
                  -the main player can access vehicles while carrying the orb, which isnt possible any more...
                  -some [weird] nodes [in the beginning, and in that movie on 3:37] react very different when marked by a team: they only change to the color of the team which touches them, and no node is visible to destroy.
                  -the vehicles explode very different: way more agressive: they really explode at a very high speed, with way more explosions than we have now [especially good visible with nemesis and viper]
                  -the leviathan's beam causes a real explosion, not a redeemer like explosion
                  -and something funny: the main player is in God Mode... :S
                  -the flakcannon's alternate fire still has got the smile on it in this movie...

                  i do think that this map was made for the original Assault mode, since you can see the Axon fighting and capturing nodes, which indicates they progress. And the right direction is shown by the vehicle tracks in the snow...

                  i'll have a look if i cant find one with higher quality

                  here is the first movie in HD: