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    Halo Weapons / Radar

    I've got little to no experience in any modding or map making, I'm also not asking anyone to make this.

    1. Would it be hard to recreate the weapons from Halo 1-2-3? Halo 1 pistol, Halo 2-3 Battle Rifle or Needler?

    2. What about a Halo 2 style HUD, radar with a health bar above it. I read somewhere that there's a mutator in the works/finished that has Halo 2/3 style Health.

    3. Two weapons only, wielding, etc. Replaceable items and Halo styled power ups.

    Of course if I wanted to play a Halo styled game, I'd play Halo. Its just little idea that's been nagging at me to see if it's possible.

    Chances are that it will eventually happen, but being as most of the capable modders are focusing on thier own custom stuff for the MSUC, I wouldn't expect it too soon.

    Personally, I think the FRG, Battle Rifle, Needler, Flamethrower, and Shotgun would be the best of the lot. The Halo 1 pistol was ok, but personally, it seemed a little too modern-esque for Halo, let alone an over the top sci-fi fest like UT... Still any alternatives to the Enforcer would be a welcome change for a starting weapon (I like the Enforcer, but it pales in the face of other weapons in most cases) And being able to headshot with the pistol was a nice touch.