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Gametype: PuppetMaster {PM}

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    Gametype: PuppetMaster {PM}

    This is an idea i have been milling around in my head for a year or so.

    Game Type Name: PuppetMaster (UT3 Map Prefix="PM")

    Compatibility: UT3 pc and ps3

    Game Type Objective: Destroy your opponents base.

    GameType Description: Two players play the puppet master role and command their bot armies against eachothers base.
    Other players can also join into the game as soldiers that arent under the controll of the puppet master but cannot play the puppet master role unless he leaves the server.
    Once he leaves the server the person with the highest team score then gets promoted to the puppet master role.

    Puppet Master Role Description: The puppet master plays the game in a free roam spectator mode style state but can interact with the bots by using his mouse to select each bot or as a group and give them direct orders like Attack,Defend,Go to specified rally point,Get in vehicle,Drive to specified rally point,etc....etc.
    The puppet master also has the ability to place guard turrets around his base and maintain them.
    The puppet master can not command any human players that enter on his team....only the bots.

    Puppet Master Base Description: The bases consist of an air vehicle factory,a ground vehicle factory,a command center,and a Character upgrade center.

    Each building gives the team the ability to build or upgrade something.

    The Vehicle factory builds vehicles obviously.
    Same with the aircraft factory.

    The character upgrade center allows any player to upgrade the players armor,weapons,and health or change your character completely.

    The Command Center allows the Puppet Master to heal his base buildings and place defensive turrets around his base(only so many...and there is a build up time between placements)

    The most complex part of this gametype will be the user interface for the puppet masters.

    So what do you guys think?......too complex?.....doable?....wouldnt want to play it?.....sounds like a good game type?

    Seems interesting enough to try, UT3 veresion of age of empires or Halo wars if this does become reality will try it.


      ok...30 views and only 1 vote other than myself?

      Even a vote is input.....if you dont have anything to say please at least vote your thoughts.

      I dont want to even start working on something like this unless i have an idea of how well it will be recieved by the community.