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mutators/player skins ideas for 360 ut3

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    mutators/player skins ideas for 360 ut3

    i keep thinking abount that mod , that puts gears of war in unreal t3 ,for ps3 , ian i waz woundering why you guys dont have it in the 360ver. , it wont go against copyrighting laws , since its an epic game , come on iam just saying iam i the only one who just put it to get there or not , i waz woudering if if you guys couldput the gears of war mutator as a download countent in 360 , i remember gears of war map packs wer free , no ms points ther so my guess is you could put this mutator free ?

    Also we need , 360 user , need the thing that can custimize oure player , even if you cant get the gears of war mutator, or othere player skins. it would be nice to mix players up for the fun of it that wat i thINK

    What would also be nice would be some othe player skins , ill just name then : some gundam skins , i dont know why but it would be cool ,nightmare for soul caliber , marines for m starcraft , if possible just try plz , and rambo , hey i dout this will pass on 360 but if it does then great but herse some ideas i got on mutators , and player skins or want ever its call

    yea, epic will totally do this. for sure.
    and btw you can customize players and good news: others will always see your chars as you configured them cuz you cant have custom ones \o/
    and if you want mods and special chars n stuff, get a PC or PS3 at least and enjoy UT3