Anyone interested in helping making an Arcanum mod for UT3? (I was thinking basically like the original Arcanum but 3D). I've been through alot of the video tutorials for the UT3 map editor, and there apear to be many useful static meshes and triggers. However, there are some big things I'm not sure how to do (and probably won't be in the tutes) which is why I'm posting this as a request:

1) Change from first person to isometric view
2) Party system
3) Hero leveling system
4) Skills
5) Quests
6) A Journal

Hm.. now that I think about it, that's practically a full game of work... But still, if anyone's interested please let me know. Also, this site
has a thread about the idea which I've made some replies to. However, people seem to have lost interest, so I thought I'd post here as well.