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Looking for a mutator that has exactly . . . .

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    Looking for a mutator that has exactly . . . .

    Hey everyone,

    My buddies and I have started a little project in which we are modding UT3 with our own maps, characters, etc. However, we are stuck ... none of us know any programming. We have tried to learn by reading online tutorials and we have tried looking for mutators already released. However, we really want 1 mutator that allows us to do the following:
    • Higher Jumping (we really want the jumping that was in UT2004)
    • Quad Jumping (I know this can be found in other mutators but we want it all in one)
    • Infinite Wall Dodge (No limits on this... basically allows the player to wall dodge as much as they want as long as they can keep double tapping those buttons lol)
    • Wall Dodge Boosts (As you wall dodge, you are boosted at an upward angle, allowing you to achieve higher and longer air time)
    • Double Jump Off Wall Dodge (Just like it sounds, the ability to double jump off of a wall dodge)
    • 3rd Person View WITH cross hairs (We have and are using the MK3rdPerson mutator and its perfect!!! If I can just get this code into this mutator!)

    We really REALLY appreciate this! Thanks in advance...

    ~~ FLAK MONKEY ~~

    If you want a large, convoluted mutator like that, you'd better DIY. I really don't see the point, and I don't think anyone is really going to jump on it for you. People already fuss about mutators that do too many things at once. Also, you won't learn anything by not doing anything.