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Putting together a team for Make Something Unreal

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    Putting together a team for Make Something Unreal

    So, how does one go about putting together a team for the Make Something Unreal contest?

    I have a fairly well fleshed out idea for a survival game, a bit of dev history and a strong desire to compete in this contest but, having 2 kids and a full-time job, I don't think I can pull a James Silva on a whole mod for Unreal Tournament 3 =)

    I made maps as a hobby for several years, I played around with every editor I could get my hands on from shooters like Half-Life & Counterstrike to RTS games and eventually got recruited as a mapper by a team that has since disolved called Sojourn Development. What started as a mod for Tribes 2 called Chivalry 2 eventually garnered some interest which lead to some funding which lead to the full-blown, (almost!)retail game that we called Glympse. The day I accepted the role of Lead Level Designer was like a dream come true for me, surreal even. Some of you may even have heard of it, they still have some articles and interviews in the RPG Vault over at IGN if you're interested.

    This was a few years back, we were going to go head-to-head with games like Star Wars Galaxies (or one of it's expansions) and The Matrix Online among others.

    Looking back, I'm confident we would've won =)

    Anyway, I have the basic framework of the story figured out and I'm up for some level design. Are there any modders out there looking for something to do for the next year and a half?

    We're going to need a bit of everything, creative people and artists of every kind including but not limited to Weapon and Character Modelers, Animators, Programmers, AI, a GUI designer, Texture & Concept Artists, Testers, a good Sound Technician and a Level Designer or two, Unreal Engine experience a plus of course. Only those willing to commit to this contest through to the end need inquire.

    Shoot me an e-mail at and I'll give you more details.

    I have to warn you that A) I'd like to try something a bit different than anything I've ever played, just to see how it plays. And B) I'm a bit of a perfectionist =)

    A different game type I guess, kind of a hybrid of what's out there now for multiplayer games and I don't mean just UT3.


    jay e

    i think that there are a few survival horrors in progress at the moment. if the team is good then the mod will be and i wouldn't mind joining to create maps. im still newish to it but i think that i can produce good work. i did have an idea of an egyptian fps last night which i liked the idea of after playing tomb raider anniversary.


      Not Survival Horror, more like just Survival....