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    Cool Mutator Ideas

    There are some thing that i think would be cool to be able to do that don't ship with ut3. I am sorry if any of these ideas have already been discussed.
    1. Hammer only DM/TDM
    2. Mele attack
    3. Heal infantry with Link Gun
    4. Cover system
    5. CTF Flag carrier Power UP
    6. Sprint ability
    Most of these ideas are fairly self explanatory

    Regarding #1, I know there is a weapon replacement mod but it can't replace the bio rifle and i am not sure why lol.

    What i mean by #5 is that the flag carrier is powered up to make him/her harder to take down. They could be awarded power ups randomly upon taking the flag. Power ups would include things like Full armor, Full health, double running speed, double damage or Jump boots. It would only be reasonable to award these power ups to the first flag carrier and not another person who comes along and takes the flag if the flag is dropped.

    I think these are quite good ideas but i also realize that some of them could be difficult to make, but some like #1 would be dead easy lol. I would be very grateful if a mod maker would take some of these projects on as they would really open up even more options to a game already boiling over with content.

    PS: If you do make one of these mutators could you cook it for PS3 because that is the system i use.