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    InHuman Character Designs

    I have seen some great character design in UT3 itself and from the community, but I would like to see much more creature-related characters instead of just human all the time. I love how unique these characters, such as the Krall and the Rodents faction, can be and how they add some true variety.

    Also, in ut2004 I use this hilarious model of a T.Rex in a High Tech suit called Tyrant (anyone else use this?). This is my favorite model, so of course I'd appreciate the more Krall-style dinosaur/reptile characters.

    Although not my favorite, I do also love the Liandri robots in ut3. They may not be "creatures", but they are still more unique non-human characters. What sort of characters that tread completely new ground could be possible?

    Hopefully the community will support more variety in their models as I would love to see the creativity that is possible by everyone here!

    I'd like to see some completely 'inhuman' designs like UT99's Jarhead, Centaur & 8-Legged Freaks; those were really fun and original models. Of course, they'd all require custom animations and skeletons, so they'd be a lot more work. But it would certainly be worth it imo (yeah, easy for me to say... ).