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Recruiting Talent for Crayville Asylum: Horror Stories

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    Recruiting Talent for Crayville Asylum: Horror Stories

    Hey all!

    I am pleased to announce that Hypergames2k8 is now recruiting for multiple positions.
    Ecktoplasmic Games has merged with the team below Check out the website here:

    Here is the link to the forums:

    As said above we have merged with Hypergames2k8, we will have two teams focused on different things. Hypergames2k8 will continue with Might Magic: Warlords, I will be leading the team who will be developing the Crayville Asylum: Horror Stories mod. If you are interested in helping with this mod, post your interest in the Crayville Asylum: Horror Stories area of the forums, as well as your experience in any of the fields listed below. Here are some pictures of a real-life asylum we will use for the main play area click this link:

    as well as some of the story for the mod, I have visited this place not as a patient though :P

    Crayville Asylum: Horror Stories features:

    1. Dark breathtaking visuals using Unreal Engine 3 as a base.
    2. Choose from a wide range of melee weapons and ranged weapons to help you survive.
    3. Adventure through dark corridors which haven't seen life in over 101 years.
    4. Use Ghost Hunting equipment to track the strange things that lurk in every corner.
    5. Fast action combat with a first person camera which reacts to your every move.
    6. Rag-Doll Physics engine to help constitute realism.
    7. Adventure through the Asylum and solve the mystery by yourself or with a friend with online multiplayer support.
    8. RPG Elements which will help your character become more familiar with weapons and survival.

    We are looking for people who have talent in the following fields:

    3d Modeling
    Here we need you to be able to model from concept art.
    Able to Unwrap and Texture.
    Have some sense of detail.

    We need you to be able to rig up a character.
    Animate models and know how to properly paint weights.
    The ability to use Kismet.

    Sound Design
    We need you to have the ability to create spooky sounds.
    Set up the noise for Unreal Engine.
    As well as music.

    Coding and Scripting
    Familiar with Unreal Script.
    UI Programing (Although this game just needs a few things hidden)
    Code AI
    Weapon classes and custom content for gameplay purposes.

    Level Design
    We need you to be able to build clean areas from concept.
    Basic familiarity with UnrealED.
    How to properly light a scene.
    Setup ambient weather.

    Concept Art
    Not entry level.
    Be able to produce clean drawings.
    Sense of detail and imagination for the many things going into this mod.

    Texture Art
    Experience with Photoshop or Gimp.
    Be able to produce custom textures.
    Familiarity with Bump Mapping.

    Game Overview:
    This is a Total Conversion mod for Unreal Tournament 3, the mod will plunge the player into a dark environment complete with adventure and mystery solving, as well as a host of good scares.

    As the game progresses, the player will venture through a dark haunted Mental Institution, while gaining skills to help them survive in this place. There will be some RPG elements built into this mod, so the player can stand a better chance at survival. For example, they will gain skills such as: Stamina which will help them escape if need be, Weapon Mastery will help the player's character become more familiar with the use of weapons etc. anything that you find in other RPGs will be brought into consideration, There will be two different styles of combat: Ranged, and Melee, Ranged allows the player to pick up anything they can throw to defend themselves as well as guns here and there. Melee of course is the standard, fists or items that can be used as weapons, this mod will force the player to decide how to involve themselves in situations, running won't get you far.

    Because of lay-low purposes, this is all that will be revealed for the game overview. To find out more, head on over to the forums listed above to check this mod out, remember you must sign up as a developer in order to access the locked developer forums.

    Here is the story:

    Originally built by a well known British architect named Jordon Floyd in 1885. The Crayville Asylum has been closed for several years due to strange and dark acts that took place there, everything from Lobotomies, Amputation, as well as shock therapy. Located in a heavy marsh region on the outskirts of Crayville Village, the Crayville Asylum stands as a no trespassing zone for outsiders and tourists. Over the years, the people of Crayville have been complaining of strange happenings and noises coming from the Asylum at night, people disappearing after dark for no apparent reason, and they all believe that the actions of Village folk disappearing traces back to the Asylum's dark and brutal history presently reliving the past, the people of Crayville believe this Asylum to be haunted by forces of the unknown.

    Strangely, the current mayor of Crayville Village mysteriously inherited the Asylum, with no memory of previous family members owning this hellish place. As an act of fear due to the population of Crayville Village severly dropping from 1450 people to 612, the Mayor of Crayville and the present owner of the Asylum calls in a Specialized Ghost Hunting team, equipped with the latest banishing technology and knowledge the PTRS or Paranormal-Threat Relief Squad embarks on a mission to cleanse the Crayville Asylum of it's dangerous threats, and save the Village from becoming nothing but dust and echoes. What will the team discover? over-active imaginations of the Villagers? or something far beyond our imagination?

    Crayville Asylum: Horror Stories is now on ModDB, give it a checking out.


      thought id bump this. work has started on some of the mapping aspects of the mod. we also have some cool concept art produced. it is shaping up to be a good tc but we still need some more talent. so go to the forums and have a look at some of the work produced.


        another bump. we are still recruiting people to this mod. we are in need of scripters, texturers and modelers, but we are also recruiting for any other position. we are willing to take on anyone as long as they can produce work to a good standard. if you want to sign up post screenshots on the mods forum. link is on the first post.


          Thought i would give this a bump too lol


            bumpity bump, i like asylums haha.. sounds like a fun idea