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LightShock weapon..

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    sorry for lame icon in this topic.. i click wrong.. :/ and isnt be changed now :/

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  • started a topic LightShock weapon..

    LightShock weapon..

    its my little idea.. modify bio rifle, give us one shot.. no green radioactive wastle.. but any lighting sphere.. when you release this projectile.. is flying and in second when contact with any object (human, wall, ground..) release extremly shock twinkle, which blind players around and add any like flashbang edffect (like CS:SOURCE flashbang)

    maybe any great lighting efect when exploding... use unreal possiblity at maximum....

    anyone can make this? .) or give me any tutorial how modify weapon like this?

    (this weapon maybe can repleace redeemer or dd or.. bersek....