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UT R&R Racing And SkateBall Extreme MODs

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    UT R&R Racing And SkateBall Extreme MODs

    Hello, I am new to this forum , I got UT3 few weeks ago and I love it (I got all previous UT/Unreal games too :P )

    I have seen and played many Mods for UT , many Mods that I really loved it.

    Ok, lets go to the concept / Ideas I have...

    First one is UT R&R Racing

    Just think about this : Nice model Cars + Destruction and weapons + Heavy metal music: Highway star from deep Purple etc. + Nice Arena = UT R&R Racing

    And yeah , this concept is based in the old favorite racing game (by blizzard) Rock & Roll Racing.

    UT3 got vehicules + weapons already , so I think it is possible to create this mod , the thing will be to create the map for the racing and the camera configuration.

    Also I think is possible to create a nice menu were you can choose the driver with unique attributes , buy the vehicules , buy weapons for the vehicule and upgrades, also to dye the vehicule etc.

    It just Rock And Roll racing in UT3 engine.

    I hope this MOD idea can be done.

    The other idea I had , is this one;

    SkateBall Extreme

    I saw in UT3 the introduction of the skate , and here is where the Idea poped up.

    Players in skate running to take a ball (it can be like Football style) and having a nice spiked club on their hand to beat the enemie (the other team), running across an arena evading the traps (spiked traps etc.) trying to make the goal for the team .

    There are traps on the arena , so it will be fun to go around , and of course , you can get better clubs with special abilities to beat the other players , when someone is defeated by a player, you can respawn in one side of the arena , but you need to wait a certain time to go in.

    Also there can be health packs on the arena to pick up, as special ablities power up, like invisibility , rage , mega jump , super speed , damage buffs etc.

    Also I think is possible to make it , the map should be like a football arena , just plain (maybe with platform too and some ramps?) in a nice stadium.

    I hope someone like my ideas, sorry if my english is bad , is not my mother tongue.



    theres already a mod in the works its called carball


      Originally posted by unrealloco View Post
      theres already a mod in the works its called carball
      Hi unrealloco , your name sounds spanish , I mean for the "Loco" :P , anyway , i will look for that mod, but sounds that cars and a ball game are mixed there.



      I just saw the carball mod, its not exactly the idea I have. I meaned, Vehicules Racing with weapons , exactly like Rock and Roll Racing with Hard Rock or Heavy Metal themes, and by the ball game , I meaned with skates , no vehicules.

      But carball seems interesting too, thanks for the info.