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Chromehounds Secret Weapon vehicles.

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    Chromehounds Secret Weapon vehicles.

    If you ever played chromehounds, you've seen or at least heard of a country unleashing their secret weapon. I've been thinking that it would be a cool idea to bring them to the Unreal experience by making them drviable vehicles.

    Here's the two weapons I would like to see and I'll write down their stats and abilities.

    Morskoj MX-10

    Large railway howitzer
    Health: 10,000
    Eight Cicada rocket turrets that are controlled and fired in unison by the player.
    Four stinger turrets also controlled by the player and fired alongside the firing of the rockets.
    Two SPMA cannons which are on opposite sides which fire without one of those special targeting cams with secondary fire.
    One huge howitzer that can only be activated by planting the whole tank into the ground, like a SPMA or a leviathan, and it would have to direct its payload using a SPMA artillery cam. It fires a huge SPMA like shell that breaks off into smaller shells that have the explosive capacity of a Redeemer. It would take 30 seconds before the player could fire it again.

    This vehicle would appear in Torlan on the Blue Base in Warfare.

    Large four legged walker with large cylinder on back that unscrews revealing a huge rocket launcher.
    Health: 9,000
    8 cicada rocket turrets fired in unison by the driver.
    4 heavy stinger turrets used by secondary fire.
    Enormus rocket laucher which is used like the Levaithan main cannon, which fires dozens of homing redeemer missiles everywhere and it unable to fire again for 20 seconds.

    This vehicle would appear in Torlan on the Red base in Warfare.

    So yeah here's some posts on Youtube that shows you the weapons.

    Anyone going to reply?


      I think we're all too shocked by the size of that Morskoj.
      Although after seeing that, I was a bit disappointed with the ghalib, it doesn't seem to have been at all effective.
      How big would you say they are compared to the leviathan?


        Oh I would definately tone down the size, to about a say 3 times the size of the leviathan. But yes the Ghailb is not the most effective thing I must admit. The Morskoj weapon would probably be the most fun to drive. But yeah we wouldn't have them at full scale as they are in chromehounds. That would be ridculolus.


          Whoa, 3 times the size of the levi? thats massive !

          Sounds cool dude, might be a bit tricky to pull off though?