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Map (or perhaps a mod) idea

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    Map (or perhaps a mod) idea


    Firstly of all, sorry about my english, because I am brazilian.

    I'm not a mapper/modder, but I had an idea for a map and decided to share with you and maybe someone wants to make it.

    There is this long bridge with 2 hangars in each end of it. Long enough to take about 8 seconds in a straight line with hoverboards to reach its middle place. But it is crowded with barriers, obstacles (cars, blocks, slomo fields etc), ammo, health etc.

    A team can not pass to the other side of this bridge, because there's a field force (only the shots pass through it). But there is a central button wich causes the death of all enemy team at once when pressed and the starting of a new round.

    Each hangar has weapons, ammo, portal to sniper towers (almost without covering), because snipers are (here) the main option to prevent the other team to reach the button and the victory.

    This is the rough idea, I hope someone appreciate that

    So, im guessing its like tdm, have to shoot at each other from the other end?

    Sounds sweet!