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I have a coder but need a team now

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    update* at 8 members now still looking to solidify the team. any interested parties feel free to email me at

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    there is a mix of shooting, sneaking elements, rpg elements, puzzle elements and a few undisclosed things at this time

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    So the gameplay is shooting? Or there is something else?

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    updates here is the starting work for our some of our websites basic concept as well as the ambient music for the soon coming trailer. still looking for people to help.... website trailer music

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    no on a superficial level that is what people may see. Think more like the movie crash with some supernatural/spiritual stuff thrown in just when you think you understand things.

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    So. . . Grand Theft Auto.

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    DD 1.0 early stages

    Version 1.0

    Version 1.0 includes The initial Idea and concepts of the game. This document is old. The new one will be posted shortly

    Common Questions

    What is the game?

    Gangland is a PC Total Conversion Mod that will use Unreal Tournament 2k7. This Mod will be a first person shooter with heavy design elements from various gang and undisclosed sources.

    Why create this game?

    Many PC games have a lack of solid memorable story to go along with them. I have also noticed ( in regards to the genre we plan to approach: FPS) that There seem to be only two main types: the military/tactical shooter and the Sci-fi shooter. I feel that making a product that steps outside of these very small boxes will motivate both Modders and players alike to join something beyond the same old everyday FPS Experience.

    Where does the game take place?

    Gangland Takes place In a fictional city that is overrun with crime. Brutality is a way of nature, and most of the cops are as crooked as the gang members themselves. The Time period is current, and though the environment will reflect that, it will also take on its own aspects, to help the player fully realize the world of Gangland and what lies beyond what is initially apparent.

    What do I control?

    SINGLE PLAYER: It is projected the player will have control of four to five main characters throughout the single player game.
    MULTI PLAYER: At this time we are not pursuing a multi-player campaign
    VEHICLES: There will be vehicles in both single and multi player campaigns, yet how this will affect game play it yet yo be determined.
    TURF: It is planned to establish a Turf system that affects game play based on how much of the map is currently under your gangs control.
    INDIVIDUAL: It is also planned for the player to have individual possessions, awards, and bonuses based on his gameplay performance....this may lead to special weapons, vehicles, skins, etc.

    How many characters do I control?

    Currently The player will Control 4-5 characters throughout the Single Player mode of Gangland.

    What is the main focus?

    Single Player: The goal of the player is to further the endeavors of each character within the Story as well as survive.

    What’s different?

    I think the most notable difference Is the theme as well as the more story driven approach. Yes CSS is fun, So is HALO 1/2....Quake 4 and Doom 3 too if you like killing aliens. But If you want to get into a game that has a more gritty Real feel to it, I believe that this will be the one.

    Feature Set

    General Features

    Huge world : The game will be broken up into chapters ( aka levels ) to increase the quality and level of detail of each map.
    3D graphics: The game will be utilizing the Unreal 3.x Engine which is on par with ps3 graphics

    Studio Quality Sound: The game will feature music from some of the hottest Underground artists alive. Check out and look up DZK who has signed on for this project.

    Game play

    The Game will be well thought out, providing players with a gripping story full of mature themes and wicked plot twists, While at the same time not bogging them down with so much story they lose focus. AS with any FPS game the main focus is killing things, and Gangland will not disappoint on that front. The action will remain fresh and vary, through different game modes that are naturally introduced into the game through the story.

    The Game World


    The Physical World


    Gangland is a dark and violent city rife with prostitution, drugs, gang violence, as well as something unforeseen.

    Key Locations
    This information as well as story information is currently not open to the public.


    The player will move from zone to zone either by completing or not completing the mission ( depending on the mission factors.) In some situations that would be fatal or otherwise cause the player not to meet the level objectives, the game will not be over, but continue along a branching path.


    This project is a total conversion mod, and we plan on having the game last around 40 hours for the single player experience.!


    The object set will be determined by the modelers.


    This effect it not yet decided as we do not know the limitations of the Engine until it is released.

    Day and Night

    The game will feature a Day and night system, but will not be in real time.


    The element of time is being seriously looked at and how it can affect game play mechanics as well as story.

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    What is the mod about? any summary?

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  • started a topic I have a coder but need a team now

    I have a coder but need a team now

    Original post here, I'll try the request area as I may have been in the wrong forum area.