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    Superclass not found

    K, im starting to get into coding new meshes onto vehciles.

    All i have so far is a raptor subclasses to use the scavenger skeletal meshes, physical assets etc.

    When i try and compile it i get the error:

    Superclass of KINGDEDEDE not found

    EDIT: Please move this thread to programming and Unrealscript, ive stupidly placed it in the wrong area.

    I have a similar problem. I am trying to reference a vehicle in an existing *.u file. I did an myvehicle extends oldvehicle;

    but when I compile it says Superclass oldvehicle of class myvehicle not found.
    I found in the 2k4 section that this may be fixed in the uteditor.ini
    But I dont now if that solution applies or not?

    It might be a folder location problem but I've put the *.u file in every folder and compiled. nothing works.

    Help, anyone....