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    Personal Concepts

    I have a habit of making concept sketches for different kinds of suits and characters, and just felt like putting a few out to see if anyone had interest in making them, seeing as I am currently completely inept at digital art. Working on fixing that predicament though, I'm learnin'!

    Any who, some ideas. Some of these don't have heads because either I wasn't sure who they were to be or they were just suits for general use.


    If this reminds you of the Crysis suit at all, that's probably because I based this one off of it...The colors I picked are my preference, but I know others might disagree and I also know this design might need some tweaking anyways, so changes are free to be suggested. I currently have no headgear but plan on sketching one or two up.


    This one actually should have a head and I had a couple sketches, but they didn't turn out how I wanted,'s currently headless. The character is supposed to be based on a contained form of energy, so the skin is supposed to look kinda like it's rippling and shimmering. If at all possible, making the character glow and semi-transparent would be ideal. The metal parts are all built around points on the character that actually are supposed to flame in a way, the two large parts on her back actually looking more like wings (fairy wings is my current idea).


    This is...just an armor with a little visor that can either be over the eyes or up like a headband. The visor doesn't have to be animated, just two options for placement.


    Well...this is a tiny actually has a gender too.

    On a side note, it might be neat to make other pint sized characters and make map types designed specifically for using them...

    EDIT: Yes, the tiny ninja has an electric ukulele...

    Do you mean orange/red flames or icy blue/plasma green flames like the hat kirby gets in superstar? ._.


      On the icy blue side.