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I'm looking for a mod team (competition)

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    I'm looking for a mod team (competition)

    Well, I'm looking to join a nice new team with a great idea worthy of an award in the competition.

    I am young, but I'm pretty mature I can map slightly. I am mainly good at drawing and concepts I guess.

    (sounds crazy but I dont have a portfolio, I have never actually made a map just mainly followed tut's then deleted...) Please let me join a team, if I get the correct teaching and software I will definetly do character modelling and weapon.

    Its my dream to be a character design for Epic. It will never happen but like the thread says "get there feet in the door." Thats what I have to do

    Lol, Im only 16 and thats all I aspire to

    So yeah just tell me your position I can fill and how big your team is and your project website or idea...

    Mod Teams generally don't include people who they have to teach to do everything. They are looking for people with experience. Especially when they are trying to win a contest.

    This won't be the last "Make Something Unreal" contest. Just join a team when you're older and have some experience.


      Ofcourse I know that... Some people just do concepts, I can do that... Nvm I dont want a winning mod team I just want to be part of one...


        Then they are probably going to want to see some of your work. Scan some of your drawings or something. If you want to be a concept artist, you must be able to draw, right? So you must have drawn some things in your life. Without showing anything, I doubt you'll be considered for any position.


          Originally posted by concept theory View Post
          I am young, but I'm pretty mature I can map slightly. I am mainly good at drawing and concepts I guess.
          For starters, fire up photoshop, and make egyptian texture package. Recreate UT2004 textures (import from ut2004 and repaint them in high res), then make nice normal, specular etc. maps. Make also some custom textures.

          Then play with material editor, put all those textures together into working materials.

          And finally release that package here, many will be very gratefull for doing this, you will be remembered, and quality of your work known. Then every mod out there will fight to get you in team, because you proved your skill and that you can finish task without getting bored mid way.

          You wrote you want to work for gamedesigin, now it is your hobby, moment you start working it turns into work (duh). You need to be really dedicated to not get burned out after a month or year. So try to make this boring texture work, if you not puke at first thought about photoshop and unreal after that you may have a chance.

          And key for work and mod is: you need to prove you can finish your projects.


            BTW it doesn't matter how old you are just as along as you can make something with the provided technology such as the Engine for Mapping, (NOT INCLUDED-->) Maya 3d or 3DStudios Max (<--NOT INCLUDED) for making characters/static meshes/and just about anything else for the game. O and lets not forget about programming to make your own gametypes and to make the custom content work.

            I make maps with the Unreal Engine and I started when I got UT2004 and that was harder to use than this engine because now you have the additive method of amking levels. look up some of my levels on they're under ut_level_maker777


              Besides that, being a young fella with nothing but time on his hands, I'd value him as a prospect on my mod crew.
              Read My Neon thread for a quick blurb on my project.
              If you're interested in helping out, let me know.


                Hey Concept Theory, just wanted to let you know that I've got an idea for a mod that I'd like to share with you if you're interested. My ideas are still pretty rough and I don't have much experience with the Unreal Editor myself, but any correspondence with a fellow game enthusiast would be awesome. I must say though that I am not part of a team nor am I seriously "recruiting," so if you're looking to get into a group of skilled programmers, artists and designers that could help you learn then you'd be better served elsewhere. If you're still interested however then please send me an e-mail. In case you don't know how, just click on my name to go to my profile page and then click on the e-mail link in the lower right corner of the screen. If you would rather leave a post then just go to my profile and leave one in the thread called "Tug of War" as that's the only thread of mine that I'm really paying attention to at the moment. You can also check out a few of the ideas that I've proposed there. Whether you reply or not I'm happy you seem to have discovered your life's ambition so young and wish you the best of luck in achieving your goals.


                  I have just send you a PM if your still interested in joining a mod team.

                  Our team is a very cooperative team so I am sure you can really pick up your skills by utilizing our knowledge, the biggest thing is not the skills, but the commitment to the work and learning.

                  If you have the right atitude the skills will follow.