'Ello I'm me, and I'm trying to make a team map and ran into a bit of a snag.

The thing I'm trying to do here is make a attack and defend map with the singular goal of getting to the enemies base and activating the portal there. I have a bunch of buildings between the bases that players can capture by hitting a control panel I have placed at each building that will switch the spawn points there from one team to the other after a couple seconds of interaction. At least that was my hope.

This would actually be the first UT map ever for me for any iteration of the game, and the thing that's getting me is I don't know how to make team specific items like the spawns. Don't know how to spawn weapons either.

So....I have been looking about trying to find information specific to team spawns and weapons spawns and seem entirely inept at finding anything. Anyone here have advice on where I can find info on it or might be able to tell me outright how to do it?

Points I'm clueless on.

1. the GFIDs or whatever they are on each player spawn, only one is workin' right now but pretty sure I can figure this one out on my own

2. weapon spawns, dunno where they are or how to put them in

3. team spawns, dunno where they are or how to otherwise turn a generic spawn into a team spawn