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    AFK Bot (AKA BioBot)

    I am trying to figure out how to release player control to the AI to have the player act as a bot if they go AFK for a min or two. This would allow players to stay in a CTF or DM, etc... if say 'the phone rings', or a bio break is necessary. Instead of having the payer's pawn just sit there doing nothing.

    Any ideas of how to do this with Kismet? If not maybe with some UScript?

    So far I have tryed using the 'Assign Controller' action in Kismet which let me assign an AI to the player Pawn. However as soon as the pawn gets assigned an AI controller, the game thinks the player has died, and gives a 'you have been killed' message.

    One Idea I had was to assign the player controller to another object, but I think player controllers can only be assigned to pawns. This would make things difficult, as I would probably have to make a 'ghost pawn' for each player and attach the pawn to the player. Then have the player controller switch to the ghost pawn, and turn off movement with a toggle input.

    For now I am using a trigger to put the player afk. A input timeout function would be perfered and I have yet to even start thinking about that part of the problem.

    Humm.. Typing it all in may actually have helped me solve the problem. But if not any suggestions would still be greatly appreciated.