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    Awesome game-depth mod

    This mod may sound a bit too precisely planned, but trust me. it will work. It is made to add more depth in the game and make people die less quickly.

    Rocket launcher damage - 50% [e.g. now it takes 2 rockets for a kill] and also make the speed of the rockets travelling near twice as fast.

    flak cannon (primary fire) damage - 33% [e.g. now it's only 66% as powerful as before, and it will take 50% more flak to kill]

    link gun (primary) damage - 45% (secondary fire) damage -45% and make its distance of reach infinite (so now you can get an enemy with the lazer from any distance away)

    stinger (both fire modes) damage -33%

    shock rifle (both fire modes) damage -35%

    This will be great for DM, TDM, and CTF matches.

    ------And a second depth-adding mod for vehicle matches: Start out with 185 health instead of 100. The second one's pretty simple.-------

    It seems like you probably preferred ut2004's slower deaths.

    I actually like ut3's faster deaths since it makes it more intense. When you know you're about to die, it's a scary moment.


      I preffered the style of Unreal CHampionship


        I wouldn't say that just nerfing allt he weapons will give the game Awesome Depth. It'll probably be the same balance, it'll just take longer to do.
        What it will do is let people run away more successfully, so instead of getting a kill, you'll injure someone and they'll run away, find some health and re-engage you.
        But I am a bit biased. I couldn't stand 2kx's low-power weapons.