I downloaded the mutant mod, it ok but it need upgrading here the list
1-Bot dont attack the mutant they attack anyone, it felt like A NORMAL DEATHMATCH
2-The mutant sould be edited to people liking, like halo with zombie
3-it need to be more like halo zombie mode, make it more so it last man standing, what i mean by this is when u die you die, you cant come back, so a mutant elimitation
4-the mutant has to try and kill everyone, he get point like normal, but when mutant get kill that person get 2 or 5 point.
5- it should be a like a league so it quick
6- an option where when you get killed by mutant they become a mutant

i want to go back to 2 and 3, what i mean by this point are people can say that the mutant is 2x as strong or 5x, and has 300 life and regenerate like an auto sheild, and how quick or slow you want it to regenerate. you could have it so that the mutant has it own mutators (if possible), plus what weapon it can or cant have, or the mutant mod cause with it own set of map with it own set of weapons, this weapon could be from resistance or halo.