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    Need some feedback

    Hey, I am making a project for college and it would be very much appreciated if you guys could give me some feedback on a few things.

    Firstly, when you play a map, do you look at the environment at how much quality is in it. Make sure the level plays well, or both.

    Secondly, what size level do you prefer on Deathmatch game types?

    Thirdly, do you like having something interactive on the map which changes the game play? Such as a route changer from a door opening.

    Lastly, do you prefer the level being symmetrical?

    Your feedback would be very much appreciated.

    (If this is in the wrong section, sorry)

    1. Not particulary, but if it doesn't play well or looks awful then i just get rid of it, takes up space.

    2. Small, i hate having to search someone out and then get killed and sart again, where halo 3 fails .


    4.Yep, easily to navigate but i enoy both, symetricals better for ctf really.


      I like things that are unique and defies all logic. So i don't like symmetrical...
      Would like to see a non symmetrical ctf...

      If too little eye candy people won't really bother with it, if too much eye candy people are gonna look closer at the details and then start complaining. If no complaints it's a bad thing...I personally look for all the bugs and things i don't like in the map.

      Something that bothers me a lot is when i can't do something that seems possible.

      Interactive environments i like if well executed...Tiberium good example of this.

      I would rather play a big outdoor open map then a big maze like indoor map.
      If it's a small map without some z-axis action its not worthwhile, but if it's small it'll have two looks twice as good.


        Cheers guys, if I could just get a few more bits of feedback, that would be great.


          Go to mapraider website. Use advanced search on UT2004 database, sort all maps by rating (also watch downloads number and number of votes). Then you get idea what kind of maps are preffered.


            1. I look at both, a level that looks good will catch my attention quickly, but a level that plays good will keep my attention over time.

            2. Mid-ized, large maps tend to lose some aspects of good level design and we have too many small maps

            3. I'm actually really enjoying destructible walls as path changers in levels, but something small like a trap trigger (like bio-hazard or nercropolis) is always interesting as long as it's no overpowered.

            4. DM levels - no, CTF levels - Yes, Warfare levels - can work well either way