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    Look In My Mutator Pack. There is one already there Link Is Located Below for your convenience. You were the second person to suggest this (first person was through a PM to me) and I already had it created

    Well it is not as random as with random ammo amounts I will probably incorporate that in my next version of the mutator pack.

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    random start weapon mutator

    this mutator is meant to go hand in hand with warlord's randomizer mutators. with random drop gameplay, a bottleneck in combat pace is placed by having all the players start out with enforcers. because the only means of getting a weapon is by killing other plays, and because enforcer is the least effective weapon to do this, a significant delay is put where a player can acquire a better weapon to really start doing some damage. this is also somewhat is the case with regular gameplay except the only delay is in the time you can get to a weapon pickup location. sure you can make it start out with bio rifle, shock gun or anything higher to speed up the killing, but that also means completely eliminating the usefulness of every weapons weaker than the selected one as the default weapon to start out with. so out comes random start weapon mutator to take these lags off. every player starts out with random weapon of equal chances. it can be agreed that putting the rocket launcher into the rotation is fair since every player has an equal chance of starting out with it. but to make things even more random and fair, certain weapon is given random ammo cap. for instance a rocket launcher will always spawn with a random number of ammo from 1-5, a mini gun with a random number of ammo from 50-150, enforcer always max, and such. this is to ensure that by spawning with a rocket launcher, a player is not guaranteed an advantage over others. he could have a full metal jacket or just have 2 rockets left. we now have a mutator for random weapon drops, random pickups, and the game already spawns players in random locations- it is time for random start weapon.