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    Map Idea (includes concept art)

    Hi all! I've been loving the mods and maps for UT3 thus far, but now I would like to have a bit of an influence as well...

    I've been playing FPS since like forever, and the one map I just can't forget is a map I used to play over and over and over again, in Red Faction II...

    I feel stupid for forgetting the name of the map, I've been searching for it, but havn't found it yet... I'll fire up RF2 later on, and have a look what it was called again...

    The map layout is rather simple, but it was always a lot of fun to play on... There's a base at both ends of the map, in between the bases theres just a load of empty space. The bases look like "bunkers", inside the bunker there are multiple stories, and on top you can find the flag. The top of the bunker (where the flag is) is flat, providing lots of fun, as players can shoot at each other when they are both on opposing sides, or players that are on top of the bunker have an advantage to players that are trying to acces their base... Also; The fronts of the bunkers are destructable, making it so that you could take away the enemy team's cover, creating an open base with just the levels and the "staircases".

    As you can read in the title; I have a concept drawing, if anyone is interested in making this map, and needs more details, I would be glad to draw some more.

    Hope someone will see the big fun in this map, and feels like making it!

    Jeez do I really have to bump this to get some attention? People react in other people's post that read nothing but: "Make a homer character, and a peter griffin"

    I write a detailed post about a good concept, including concept art, and I don't get a single reply 8-) Fine, I'll try it myself then.


      i know what you mean.