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Idea: Forts Gameplay Mode

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    Idea: Forts Gameplay Mode

    Just had this idea. It's a Team-based gameplay mode, similar in many respects to Warfare, however, has quite a few differences.

    Each team has a base.

    Each team member can only recieve ammo, armour and health from their own base, and not from anywhere else on the map.

    Each of the two bases are completely destructible, and must be destroyed for the other team to win.

    Once one of the bases is destroyed, the game ends, and 200 points (or whatever) are added to the team that still has the standing base.

    The rest of the game is just team deathmatch, with 10 points (or whatever) added for every kill.

    The techniques involved would be choosing whether to hide in your own base, and protect it, where an infinite amount of ammo is available, or to veture out, to attack the enemy base.

    Any takers?

    Just wait for Renegade-X, which will be an advanced version of what you're asking for!

    On the other hand, a simple 'one building' version would be cool as well, like a warfare mode with just the power core that can be damaged at any given time... I'd be a big fan of this mode, if it would be made!