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    Pause and Screenshot Mod

    It would be really cool if someone made a mod that alowed you to pause the game and then look around the map like you do before the match begins. There could then be an aditional feature that allows you to take a screen shot of whatever you see on the screen after setting up the camera to take a perfect picture of you blasting an enemy core or anything you want. Then you could just click a button and a picture would be saved to your desktop (PC) or your PS3 Hard Drive. I am not a mod maker myself so i don't know how involved this project would be but even just the in game pause without the screen shots would be pretty cool. I got the inspiration for this idea from motorstorm when you srash and yao can pause on your wreck. It was cool on motorstorm and i think it would be amacing on UT3.

    On the PC, this can already be done by opening the console and typing the following (without quotes):

    "Toggle screenshotmode" - Hides everything on the HUD and your weapon.


    "PlayersOnly" - Freezes everything except for human players, including bots and projectiles.

    Then you just hit F9 to get the screenshot.