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character idea: FEMALE KRALL

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    she must have 3 ****. must.

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  • started a topic character idea: FEMALE KRALL

    character idea: FEMALE KRALL

    Well, I'd love to try making it myself, but let us share the idea with much more experienced modders: I'd really, really love a female krall custom character! (One may say I even registered to this forum only to suggest that.)

    Of course, it's a tricky concept, what with all female characters having to look sexy and attractive and all. But that's precisely what would make it a creative concept: we hardly see any big scaley and scary lizards FEMALE creatures on videogames, do we?
    Of course, female krall shouldn't look too different from the male counterpart (i.e. of course she should not have breasts, which would look definitely out of place - so it's even more complicated to make somewhat clear what the gender is). But still. I'm so disappointed that I can be a female human, a female necris, a female robot (if I'm playing the italian language version, that is...), but not a female krall.