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character idea: FEMALE KRALL

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    You could look at the Gen Mo'Kai for gender differences. They're similar conceptually: tribal, reptilian aliens with a similar body shape, and their gender differences work pretty well.


      Originally posted by Lun-Sei View Post
      Oh, I am very glad my "female krall" idea has received some interest!! I wasn't hoping for that!

      Well, I personally think the idea of taking in consideration the gender differences (size, colors) of real reptiles, as mentioned above, would be a good start. Even if kralls are an alien species, at last there would be a starting reference for the concept.

      The idea of not wearing the typical krall armour may also be good eventually (although maybe difficult? thinking of whole new armour sets?).

      Truly now, I wouldn't know myself if female kralls are supposed to be bigger and meaner, or slender and smaller. But I do think the second case is more fitting, though, because the fact we don't see any "official" female krall in the game can make us guess that they are in a male-warrior society and so female look less muscolar and imposing.

      And the voice? Oh, that deep growling krall voice as applied to a female. Awesome! XDXD's a good idea i like krall mhhh she was hot (Bleah )

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