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    Mod ideas

    1) Maps
    (A) I think that the Destroyed Capital map from Warhawk would be pretty good for Warfare (screens at the bottom) Below the skyscrapers is water.(B) In one of my previous posts about maps, I said that an underwater city like place would be cool. It would be surrounded by a bubble. At one end there would be a pod like thing sticking out of the bubble with a Redemer (dunno how to spell it) and a switch on the outside of it, which shuts a door and ejects the pod, eventually flooding it, drowning everyone inside. In the center of the city, there could be a portal leading above ground to a tiny island, with enough room so that about 3 people could fight with constant battles.(C) A level on a Hawiian island would be nice- paradise on the outside, a jungle inside. A volcano with a lift leading into it and a node in there, or maybe a new game type where there is one flag in the middle of a map where both teams are fighting for it (obviously, the flag in the volcano).(D) A tall, wide tower (much bigger than Tokay tower) with water on the bottom. A hole in the tower for people to swim out and explore the surrounding area.(E) A "small Earth". Instead of having oversized levels, why not oversized people? Fighting in Tokyo where your half the size of a sky scraper.(F) I dont know if this has been said, but maybe an oversized Walmart.

    2) Weapons
    (A) A good weapon would be a BFG which replaces the Rockets. Similar looking projectile to the charged Bio Rifle, yet it dosent fall as it is heading towards its target. No lock on since it could have an explosion a tad smaller than the redeemer.(B) Battle rifle from Halo to replace sniper.
    (C) Spartan laser, also from Halo.

    3) Mutators
    (A) A good mutator would be maybe a parachute.(B) For experienced players, instead of lower gravity, maybe higher gravity?(C) Different voice for announcers, like the mortal kombat guy or the announcer from Halo.

    4) Characters
    The Devil?

    An Angel?

    Guy from Half Life (dont know his name)

    Elites + brutes from Halo

    Ghost Recon guys

    Sam Fisher

    Army of Two- Rios and Salem

    5) Vehicles
    (A) Definetly a Mech, like from Battlefield 2142 or Mechassault.(B) A fast fighter ship for intense dogfights. Light weight lasers, a few rocket pods similar to that of an Apach that recharge and dont have limited ammo.(C) A light weight laser tank with dual lasers like the I think nemesis? I know its on the Sandstorm level. But the tank could be maybe 2 times faster than the average tank, little bit less armor, and a speed boost button similar to the Fury or the Wraith from Halo.(D) Vehicle to replace the hoverboard entirley. Like a dirtbike, real skateboard, or a torpedo you ride on like a horse.

    Will add more

    Anything i put here that is actually real, I have not heard about.

    All of these are just my opinions, don't bash me for liking what you dont. Those are your opinions, not mine. If you want to bash other peoples, go make your own thread and see how many people dont like yours.

    Places for Warhawk Destroyed Capital pics:

    tell me whatcha think