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[Map] Golden Eye - Temple

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    [Map] Golden Eye - Temple

    Would be great if someone can make and cook the map Temple from N64 Golden Eye.

    If possible I want the map to look as close as possible to the original one, without any extras... just the simple wall textures, the points of light.... even the weapons, armor and start points.... limited to 4 players...

    HERE and HERE are videos on youtube of the original N64 map.

    And here is a map with the location of the ammo, start points...


    use the search button. i do belive there is one or 2 Temple maps floating around in beta or final.


      I have alredy seen them, but they are based on Perfect Dark... and with too extras... like trees in the middle, more corridors...

      I want that level as simple as the N64 GoldenEye one... If I had the UT3 for PC I would try do it myself... but I have the PS3 version... and the only knowledge of making blocks and carving them...


        so far I have this

        what about health vials?

        I'll put the doors in tonight and cook it for PS3, so you can test it.


          Thank you very much, it's awesome.

          Remember that the doors are a huge square block.

          PD: Please no health vials... that's why the armour was so important in that map and the startegy was all around that.

          One important info (i don't know if this can be modificated) is that the armour respawns at 35 seconds.

          Else you can find the Temple music HERE, if is possible to put it on the map.

          And would be good if in the sniper point and in the middle of the map hole you can put an invisible wall where only the bullets can pass through, with "BlockAllButWeapons" to don't let ppl jump down.


            cool hopefully..

            could u let me beta test for PS3?


              OK, I've finnished the map building. Doors work great with rumbling sound.
              bot paths work.

              Does the import of sounds work for the PS3 now?
              I'll check this out next.


                Nope ,sorry , the ps3 can't have custom sounds at the moment(pity)

                SO.... no music.. or one of the stock music tracks?


                  Cpt SLOG, can you tell me the name of the texture and where is the package to find this textures?

                  The ones on the floor and the walls.

                  are this floor textures the same of the avobe?



                    u sent it to him! waitin for that p.m. for the alpha/beta


                      Not yet

                      but here it is for testing on PS3


                      let me know if it works...TY


                        sorry shade..

                        sorry shade but this is so much better.. this is what i am looking for!

                        EDIT: just downloaded gotta unzipp the rar...

                        EDIT 2 :gone to go try


                          who is shade?

                          Does it work ok?


                            Yes, it works on a PS3.

                            You have done a great map, but unscaled... is a little too big.

                            What textures are you using for the floor and the walls? I can't find them in the Editor.


                              Thanks, I can reduce the scale easily if you like.

                              Can you give me an idea of % reduction.

                              The package was HU_walls and I will check which package the floor was from.