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Killshot on all Stock weapons

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    Killshot on all Stock weapons

    If you havn't noticed yet most of the time you kill someone they either fall over or get gibbed.

    I've been trying for a while now to make a InstaGibRifle that gives flying ragdolls. Still no success in that,but it seems to work with all other weapons.

    And it's pretty cool, you can also shoot dead bodies now and see em slide or fly even further.

    So why not write a configurable mutator that add this effect to all stock weapons and make it relative to the momentum of the weapon?

    So that momentum and velocity is configurable, but with presets would be nice. For example:

    Kill Shot(custom[configure in config];Half of momentum;default;overkill)

    Extra Velocity(none; custom[configure in config]; Extra bit of kick; A lot of kick; Blast off)

    It would also be nice if that bloodtrail mod could be implemented(Seen it here somewhere never tried it, but will now)

    Unfortunately I'm out of time and won't be able to work on this at all. So anyone who thinks this is a good idea give it a shot.

    Here's how to add KillShot: