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Anyone played battlezone 1 or 2? MOD idea

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    Anyone played battlezone 1 or 2? MOD idea

    G'day all,

    I was obsessed with a fairly old game called battlezone 2. The greatest thing that this game had going for it was its game play idea.

    It was setup as a FPS but contained base building and the unit ordering style of a RTS. Unit and base management was exceptionally well thought out and made for simple gameplay. You had a main base builder/commander and could add in several support players to manage resource harvesting / combat forces / skirmishing or whatever role they wished to take on.

    It had some downsides thought, which IMO kept if from being a highly successful game series. AI issues were one as well as pathing, and unbalanced sides with little game options to fix this were another.

    I put it forward to people to help me make a mod that turns UT3 into a Battlezone style RTS/FPS game. It could be as simple (*yeah right*) as an extra game type, similar-ish to a warfare game, except you would verse another human one on one (with added players joining in to help manage small attack forces).

    I confess though, that my experience with making UT mods is limited (to none ) but I have a few years of programming skills through TAFE and I used to write custom scripts in the X series games. I am also a quick learner too, so adapting to other languages wont take long.

    I would greatly appreciate any help or advice on this as a mod. Constructive criticism and ideas would be very much appreciated.


    Trouble is, players don't like to be on the sidelines.

    The game mechanics you describe however, did make it into a modern game - World in Conflict; except that every player plays an equal part.

    Converting UT3 into a game of that type isn't impossible, but it's a lot of work from a programming standpoint. It may be an idea to look into doing some scripting and testing out some of the features you describe, before trying to jump in and make a TC.