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Allegience - ingenious new game type even epic games didn't think of

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    @Madgobbo: Slavemaster doesn't have the teams and squads like I do, and it doesn't have the same scoring system either! The fact that this is team-based on two dimensions at the same time makes it completely different!

    @onefingerkill: In all honesty I believe you are right! It doesn't actually sound criticizing at all to me. I believe people will just want to play, but in the end they will see the smarter/luckier player dancing and taunting them.



      Originally posted by THE_SPELUNKER View Post
      You get 1 point every second for each living member of your current team.
      What's motivating me to go out and fight? Suppose I'm on the team with the most players. I go hide in some nice campy spot. I score a crapload of points every second without having to fire my weapon. If nobody comes get me, great, let the points roll in. If they do come get me, I have the element of surprise. Why take unnecessary risks? If I fight, I'll eventually be killed. Then I either sit around spectating not scoring tons of points, or I pay tons of points to betray. Either way costs me tons of points. Better not to fight and not to die.

      Moreover, once my team starts to lose, that's it, game over. I could join the other team, but with 1) having a lower score due to losing already, 2) taking the 25% betrayal score cut and 3) not having a way to gain more points than other players on my new team, I'd never catch up with the score leader anyway.

      How 'bout this? No score per second. Instead, if you kill someone, you score a number of points equal to their (living) team size and they respawn on your team. That way you get rewarded for fighting and for being on the smaller team. Match ends when all players are on the same team (or time runs out).


        This game type was already thought of by someone else, and I still have the same feelings about it. It makes teamplay absolutely pointless. If you are constantly switching from one team to another, there are no teams. What is the point of having a game mode where team players are constantly switching teams. It just wouldn't work. Or there would be no point. At the end of every match, one team would have all the active players, and everyone would be on the winning team. Pointless.

        You have the option to stay on your team and wait, but if your playing only for yourself, why would you do that? Why would anyone choose to gain points by not playing rather than gaining points by playing. And if you choose to only have active players gaining points, then why would you wait on the sidelines at all. You mention Allegiance, but this game mode guarantees that there won't be any Allegiance.

        Your idea is different, except for the fact that it's been thought up by someone else on here in the past(unless that was also you back then). But different doesn't mean that it functions as a gametype. And I don't think this does.


          @Xyx: I forgot to mention that kills count toward your score too! I have to edit the first post now. Yes, you'll get points for being on the winning team, but the killers will still win. This just throws a bit of luck in there. Also, you could catch up to the score leader anyway once the score leader makes the mistake of being on the losing team! You could boost ahead faster than him and likely surpass his score! It is a game of luck.

          @MonkeyPeaches: There are no winning teams, only winning players! This is a game of trickery similar to modern governments and alliances. Also, you gain points while dead! What I meant was that your points go up (while dead) according to your team's living players or optionally according to the total number of them. Finally, a player would choose to not play so they could gain more points because they might be on the winning team!

          You two simply didn't understand what I was saying... It makes sense since this is very complicated. I better just make it already so everyone will understand.


            So then if you choose to sit out to get the higher score, you are no longer playing for points, but betting on your team being the one that will get you the most points. I'm just saying that I don't see how anyone would have fun sitting on the sidelines while other people make points for them. If making all those points had rewards, like they do in COD4, I could see why someone might choose to sit on the sidelines because doing so would get them more points. But considering that at the end of every UT3 match, your points amount to nothing other than bragging rights, those bragging rights mean nothing if people earned them for you.

            I get what it is you are trying to do. But I just don't see why anyone would choose to do it. Will the amount of time you can switch teams be limited? Is there a time limit for choosing to stay on your team or play on the other team? Or can you just make the switch once the other team has way more players.

            I don't think you are considering a lot of the things that will work against this game mode. As soon as one person moves to another team, the game is inbalanced. Anyone looking for points is going to move to that team as well, because they have the upperhand. Pretty soon everyone has joined the better team. Game over. This game mode just has no balance to it. It will be too easy for one team to get the upperhand and then end the round quickly. The only reason to sit on your team is if it's the dominating team, and that still means that everyone moves to or stays on the best team.

            If you make this game mode I'll test it. I'd love to see what I'm not getting and why it's so ingenious. But right now I just cant see how it would work well, or be fun to play.


              You can only switch teams if you die, but suiciding will still count against your score, so once you choose a team you are basically stuck there unless killed by the enemy.

              This is like gambling betting on the winning team and hoping they live for you. Gambling is addictive. So is this.

              "As soon as one person moves to another team, the game is inbalanced" Yes, and that's the point! In Counter-Strike teams are imbalanced near the end of the match and yet it is the #1 game in the world... What you're forgetting is that THE GAME RESETS THE SECOND THE LAST PERSON ON A TEAM DIES!

              People cannont freely move to the other team anytime because of the betray cost they pay (which is configurable by the server).

              You fail to notice that the teams do not have scores, they are simply entities that fuel the gametype. You are NOT working for your team, you are trying to take advantage of their superior numbers and therefore increase your score faster.

              Reasons for fun: it's gambling, so it's addictive and contains the same suspense and payoff that gambling has. Actually, basically everything accentuates the suspense factor. You could be dead and spectating just to see if your last survivor will win, but you might not trust him and end up on the enemy team, however, the other team's dead members will do EXACTLY the same! You never truly know when they will, but you know your team will fill up with the enemy's members, the ones who don't trust their still-alive teammates!

              I could talk for a long time and all, but you've proven that it is MUCH easier to just SHOW people, so I'm going to make this gametype, and I'll post it up!

              I have gotten some great experience with UnrealScript coding, so I should be able to do this now.


                this sounds grteat, wish you luck cant wait till its playable


                  IT'S PLAYABLE OMG IT WORKS NOW! I made the first part of it with capture-the-enemy gameplay! NOW I'M GONNA FINISH IT!!! THIS IS SO AWESOME! NO BETA RELEASE, I HAVE TO MAKE IT ALL RIGHT NOW!

                  Watch the Full Releases section of the forum so you can SEE THIS IN ACTION! COMING SOON!


                    Beta release does not mean that you put half of the mod out. It means that you put it all together and test it. Just because you put everythign together doesn't mean it's going to work perfectly. Release it in beta first.

                    You have to make sure there are no glitches or anything and that everything works properly before a full release. It needs to be tested. I already get the impression that you don't want other people's suggestions or input. But you at least need it to be tested to see if it works well and if any changes need to be made.

                    It make no sense to not have the mutator tested and to just assume that there will be no issues.


                      I always test it myself everyday... just like all my mods...

                      I guess I should release a beta first though. I'll just "complete" it then release it as a beta.

                      After I find any bugs in the "complete" beta, I'll actually fix it and make it truly complete.