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Allegience - ingenious new game type even epic games didn't think of

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    Allegience - ingenious new game type even epic games didn't think of

    Capture the Flag is fun, and so is Team Deathmatch, but one day I felt like capturing the enemy.

    Yes, when you kill an enemy they come over to your team! However, there were a million scoring problems and balance issues to resolve.

    I've worked it out completely, and now I have resolved all issues!

    I will start work on this as soon as I am able. However, I'm still new to unrealscript as seen in the programming section, the thread I made.

    Here is the full idea:
    When the game starts, players are placed on random teams that are auto-balanced to be perfectly equal (maybe with 1 more player on one team with an odd number of players)

    Next, you fight the enemy the usual way, by shooting them complete with massive amounts of gibs!

    However, you die yourself eventually, and you are forced to make a choice...
    Do you wait and watch your team fight to the end or do you switch sides to help the enemy, causing you to respawn instantly?

    Betray and Respawn or Keep your Allegience and stay dead therefore forced to spectate?

    To add to this, you lose 25% of your score for choosing "betray and respawn". This amount is the "betray cost", and it can be adjusted to any amount! I would personally Prefer 10%

    This is interesting and all, but how do you get a score in the first place?
    You get 1 point every second for each living member of your current team. This means that switching teams might be bad if your current team has more live players. Also, since players are technically still on their team when "dead and spectating", you could change this option to "all" instead of "live only". This means you get 1 point per second for ALL players, live or dead, on your current team.
    CLARIFICATION: The number of living players on your team is counted (let's say 3 are alive), and this number is added to your score every second! (that means 3 points per second)

    Personally, I prefer "live only" for that option which I will from hereon refer to as "score type" or "ST".

    In addition to this, your kills still count towards your score! You may be lucky and rack up a score by being on the winning team, but the killers are still most likely to win in the end!

    Now, this is the most interesting part: You are only looking to raise your OWN score! You are NOT truly working with other players! You are playing on teams, and you have to help out your team, but in the end you only care about increasing your own score! In the end, the teams won't matter since there is only one winning player!
    CLARIFICATION: Neither Team has a score. Instead, Teams are simply accounted for to track how many players are on each and which player is on which team. No Friendly Fire damage forces you to work together too.

    The question is this...
    Do you keep your Allegience or do you betray your comrades for your own gain? This is why it is called "Allegience"

    This is fine and all, but is it possible to have teams-within-teams? Yes.
    This is a truly "what the heck" moment, but I thought small groups of players might want to stick together, so I created the "squads" system!

    Simply put, you have to stick with your squad's current team. You choose a group of players to stay with, and your squad's score increases instead of your own. This means that there are teams-within-teams!

    However, how do you handle team-switching and the question of "allegience or betrayal"?

    Well, simply enough, your ENTIRE squad must choose to "betray and respawn" or you will be stuck "dead and spectating". If one of your squadmates is still alive then you will be unable to switch teams because you are only able to "betray and respawn" when you have died!

    One final note is this: When all of one team is eliminated, the teams are reset to a completely-balanced state! You may feel bad being the last player to die in this kind of situation, but you may end up "betraying and respawning" or you could simply survive and stay on the winning team. Anything can happen, so don't expect to be the "last survivor" very often at all!

    I hope I haven't lost you, but that is my idea. In a nutshell, those who keep their Allegience while the other team "betrays and respawns" therefore switching over to your team, you will always win! And yet... the question remains once your teammates start switching themselves. Keep your Allegience or betray your comrades?

    Since I'm no good at UnrealScript at the moment, I hope someone will tell me they like my idea and make it for me! Contact me, and I will tell you what you need to know and how to balance things as I have thought of these things plentifully.

    EDIT: I have edited this to make it more clear. People have been saying it's not going to work for reasons that I've already worked out. Most of these statements invovle simple misunderstanding of the gametype.

    You really thaught this true. I hope you can make it happen some day.
    Pretty sure that you will need to make some changes once you get feedback after beta-release, but I would really want to see this happen.


      Sounds interesting, well thought out, and doable. Good luck with it.


        Thanks. I hope some random, very skilled programmer would make this for me since I'm still new to unreal script *hint*


          acttually, would it not be possible for you to just stay on one team and raise your score if the option was set to all.


            Yes, you can raise your score if you just stay on one team and it's set to all. However, you forgot that everyone will flock to the winning team with more player AND the teams start over as balanced everytime the last member of one team is killed. This means that players will fluctuate who they are allied with.

            Also, when you die you DON'T.. WANT TO WAIT! So, you respawn for the other team so you can play again.

            People constantly respawning for the other team and the balanced teams when one team finally wins means that you have to gamble on which team has more players EVEN when all is on! Of course, this is why it is customizable because "all" would make people keep their allegience more and inevitably end in a cs-style kill-the-last-guy situation more often which would then lead to random-but-balanced teams upon reset.

            Yes, you can raise your score just staying on a team, but you'll probably be on the losing team in no time just sitting there, so your score will increase VERY slowly compared to the people on the winning team.


              I think it has an awful lot of potential. The only mechanic I would remove, is the 'squads' function. Players who want to stick together, will tend to stick to the same side, or follow one another anyway. Making it automatic is unnecessary, and only prevents surprise betrayals between parties - or prevents players from rejoining the game if they want to and their comrades don't.


                this would be great on ps3, not sure about the squad bit though, maybe have a mutator with it, giving the option of squads.


                  Originally posted by ambershee View Post
                  I think it has an awful lot of potential. The only mechanic I would remove, is the 'squads' function. Players who want to stick together, will tend to stick to the same side, or follow one another anyway. Making it automatic is unnecessary, and only prevents surprise betrayals between parties - or prevents players from rejoining the game if they want to and their comrades don't.
                  As always, I have already solved these problems beforehand.

                  There will be two gametypes:
                  Squad Allegience

                  They are two different game types that are essentially the same like Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch.

                  The plan was to make them two separate gametypes from the beginning.

                  oh wait! OH WAIT! IT'S AMBERSHEE! which means awesomeness...
                  Can you tell why I'm excited? Well... maybe you could make this for me? I wish you could, but I don't want to impede your mutator weeks or anything else you're doing.

                  All I really need is the names of classes and functions from the hierarchy since I know the syntax and good programming already, but it is taking a while...

                  about ps3... I'd LOVE to cook it for ps3! This would only be code, so it would work. Do you have a PS3 yourself Dunk? I would need someone to test it and make sure it works. That is, when I learn the hierarchy, names, etc.


                    This game type sounds awesome. Good luck.


                      This was made for UT2004, I believe it was called slavemaster or something.


                        this gametype sounds awesome, similar to the fragile alliance game type from kane n lynch if you need a ps3 beta tester when this (if) it gets done,sign me up!


                          this gametype does sound really good but think there should be more of an incentive to wanna play on the other team cause if u start on one team u probably want that team to win. and maybe force a respawn cause matches can be to o long for some to wait and betraying because of impatience. plus everybody probably wants to be involved in the game anyway. im sure with some tweaking it'll be a great mod. but u will as u will just wanted to put my 2cents in. i definitely would like to try it though, i could be wrong.


                            I just finished my first true mutator, so I could start working on this now! All this would require is some team-based code really. The idea itself is complicated, but the code would only involve teams and scoring to manage.

                            Yes, this would be a new gametype of course.

                            I could make a mutator to configure it from. The mutator would contain a UIscene since I would want one for it, and you would configure it from there at least until Epic lets us customize the gametype menu.


                              i think in the end, everybody will be betrayers. cuz who'd wanna stick around on a spectator mode? i care more about playing the game than what number is next to my name on the scoreboard at the end. id imagine most people would too. sorry if im being criticizing. i'm just putting out my opinion is all.