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[Request] Super Flag (New Game Type)

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    [Request] Super Flag (New Game Type)

    As the name may suggest, the ideia is based on the old gametype CTF (Capture The Flag), evolved during thoses revolutions from ut99 to ut3: CTFnw ( CTF Normal Weapons ), vCTF ( Vheicule CFT ) and iCTF ( Instagib CTF ).

    SuperFlag is based on WAR maps, and the concept, well similar to CTF is not quiet CTF.

    We have the main bases, blue and red, and white nodes distributed over the map.

    Each main bases start with their own flag placed. One of the team players must then take his own flag and place their flag over the enemy base. That the objective. Its like a conquest, where you put your team flag over the enemy base.

    To clarify, so blue players must take their blue flag and place it on the Red main base to score for the blue, and, red players must take their red flag and place it on the Blue main base to score for the Red.

    If the Flag Carrier is killed, feign death or translocate, he will lost the flag on the spot. It may be carried again from another team player from that place.

    If enemy team player capture enemy flag, or the flag is left abandoned, that flag will respawn to white node conquered by the team, or if there isnt any white node conquered, to the main base.

    White nodes can be captured with the flag team ( Only Flag carrier can capture the nodes ). Then if the team lost his flags, it will respawn to that node instead of the main base. Also, all the players will respawn over that node, instead of the main base. Also, nodes can have improved gadget, or special veicules to make nodes wishfull for conquest.

    If the team lost his node ( Enemy team captured your white node, placing his flag over the node ), your node base will move to the previous node conquered before, or if there isnt any node before, to your main base.

    Can be adapted for iCTF / vCTF and CTF, but on wider large maps like WAR.

    Can have diferent score type like: Enemy white node conquered: 1 point; Enemy Base conquered: 10 points.

    Or point by dificulty: 1 point for short distance node, 2 point for medium distance node, 3 point for large distance node, 10 points for Enemy Base conquered.

    Just an ideia, wish that some one could hardcoded this

    ** Sorry for my english

    it's an interesting idea, but it'd require quite a bit of work (and unique custom maps). I'd play it if it was released. Hopefully someone with the knowledge and passion required decides to work on this.


      Forgot to mention:

      The Node bases should have portal (to main base only), so team players that control that node should be able to portal to main base (by default, team players respawn to the controled node), so they can avoid capture of the main base by enemy team flag carrier,


      The Main Base can only be captured by enemy flag carrier, only if there isn't any node controled by the team players.