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    HoverJousting Idea

    was just reading trhough forums and i thought of an idea that might be fun.

    remember in the medieval days. they used to joust on horses?
    couldnt we do something similar using the hoverboards
    wouldnt be too much work would it?

    either you could make a lance that would be useful for it
    or you could have the shock rifle with enhanced knockback. except you only get one shot on each run. and the right click would be a shield to absorb the blast. so youd have to time the shot nicely.

    just a thought. .

    sounds like fun, not really for a game type but it would be nice to haved some form of attack while on the hover board, maybe add somthing to the hammer, or the chainsaw when its out


      just make the hover tricks as attacks would be cool... some speed and range-of-jump for it too... "head-cutter-flip" ^^