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Sniper skinning and Nuke skinning

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    Sniper skinning and Nuke skinning

    I am looking for a few things right now:

    1. A Sex Machine's Lair Map
    2. Sex Machine's Nuke (skinned with my name on it) unlimited ammo for our Sunday Mass Redemption
    3. A {SeX} Clan Sniper Rifle (skinned with the clan tag) unlimited ammo

    I have just started my server and I am looking for anyone who can help me with the list above.

    The weapons that I have listed have been used for UT2k4 and if you need more info on how I want to have my server running go to my website click on the NEWS page.

    Thanks..just wanted to throw this out there and see if anyone could help me...been playing UT since 99 and I love playing with all you guys out there!

    wow i bet you have aids....., lol just kidding but is this for PS3 or PC or both i cant really help but i dont mind joining a UT3 clan but what really is { Sex } a UT3 clan...? or what


      Yes we are. did you check out our website and forums? {SeX}= SnIpEr'S ExTrEEm CLaN for PC only.
      We have practice on Thursday nights at 7:30pm pacific time if you are looking to join a clan. Stop by the forums and the server!


        **** that sucks i only have UT3 on PS3 im a good sniper aswell


          Darn too bad.

          Well if you do get it for PC look us up!