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Can anyone help me test my two mutators?

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    Can anyone help me test my two mutators?


    I have two mutators (only one of which really needs testing). I need someone that can:

    a) help me shoot some promotional footage of the mutators
    b) just help me out when you're online to test the one mutator over the network

    I would highly prefer someone who is online often. Please PM me if you can help. I should respond almost immediately (as I have the week off and am pretty much always on my computer unless I'm sleeping). You will of course be credited when I finally get these mutators out the door.

    Thank you,
    mike whitfield

    What are the mutators? If their cool they don't need promotional footage...


      Errr... I would like to make 'promotional' footage regardless because it's what goes in my portfolio.

      One is a self-destruct mod (hit jump three times, rockets spawn, collide with your player, and an explosion bubble erupts doing radius damage).

      The other is a weapon overheating mod (complete with effects). It could be used to stop people from using the same one or two weapons over and over again. This is the one that still needs some testing (it's mostly networked, however).