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Installing Maps/muts guidance?

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    Installing Maps/muts guidance?

    This is so basic I'm really having trouble narrowing down searches to get a clear answer.

    I've been adding maps, muts etc to Unreal and UT games since Unreal,.. and never has it been this annoying or tricky as it has been with UT3.

    I'm working with (playing) the PC version, updated to 1.2, but I did skip the 1.1 patch if that matters at all..

    Every map I D/L has *nearly* the same instructions on how to install properly, but somehow my folder directories just don't match up to where the different file types are supposed to go. Even in instances where the directions clearly say "if this folder isn't found in this directory, make it yourself",.. that would be easy enough,..but in my case, the directory doesn't even exist to put the new folder into,.. I've been finding myself making entirely new directories, and still nothing showing up in my maps lists.

    Is there anywhere I can go to find out what the different file types really are, and where they are supposed to go?

    Example: So far I know .ut3 is a map file itself. (some show up in my in game list, some don't though,.. and I'm sure it's because I'm not putting the accompanying files into the correct duirectories.)

    .upk seem to be in multiple directories.. so wth are those? lol

    Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

    Too long of a post? Come on people.