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Improving the Slow-field

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    Improving the Slow-field

    That thread basically details several possible improvements to the brilliant but useless slow-field.

    The easiest and most widely approved, I believe, would be to make it so that slow-fields are team-colored, and that if your team laid it you can walk through it no problem.

    Other ideas include making it cloaked (like the nightshade, perhaps with a little flicker) to the enemy team, but somehow visible to the team that placed it.

    And, of course this is stretching the limits of mutators, I imagine, but having it conform to where you place it would be amazing.

    I think it would be fun to have variants of some items, like this. Another cool variant would be to have a Slow Field that looks round like the Energy Shield and rolls around slowly towards the nearest enemy, essentially trapping them inside it (if they manage to get caught in it) for the duration.

    Boy that would suck to be a target in a bubble....

    Another variant could cloak anything inside of it, at the cost of the slow effect. You could therefore cloak a whole vehicle or two, but at the cost of a slower rate of fire and almost no chance of escape when it's discovered.