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    RPG Mod

    Has anyone concidered making an RPG mod. Where the game resembles something of that of Elderscrolls or something but Unreal.

    Can you remember the demonstration ages ago with the floating light moving around, something like that but with NPC's around, quests and places to explore, open world ect. Would be fun i think as a mod.

    Able to pick stuff up, throw the stuff, drag stuff ect. Maby have a different character and fist weapon.

    Because when in saw the UE3 demo i was amazed O.o

    This would be a fun project to startup and see where it leads...


      My Idea was something like a Unreal Tournament / Gears of war style setting . Like the cities and locations in gears of war but in UT3 ofc.

      Massive open world. and if not open then maby like Bioshock with loading airlock doorways or something.

      I was thinking like a mod where the character movement is slower like in Oblivion or Bioshock, Slower vehicles. Respawning enemies and creatures, a map zone somewhere in this world which is a constant battleground which you can join in Have an inverntory system if possable but if not then nvm xD

      Include a stealth system like in Theif.

      NPC's which walk around maby own shops and stuff you can talk to( Would need many many voices O.O)

      And fist weapons. Where youn can pick stuff up ect. + Flashlight.

      Yes this is very ambisious and im a modding noob but im more of ideas guy and this is an ideas forum topic so there way go