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Non Deployable Slow-Field

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    Non Deployable Slow-Field

    Simple idea. A Mut for mappers to be able to put permanat slow fields in their map creations.

    So if I'm making a map and in a particular area I wanted to put a slow-field that is permanant and never goes away.

    Example around a Big-Keg_Health, amp, 100, etc.... or stratigic choke points...

    Needs to be fully configurable;

    --x, y & z sizes


    --Speed dialation

    --Physics properties

    --Type of field; Defence Shield or slow-mo... Heavy wind, earthquake... etc....

    I'm guessing it would take the form of a script. Dunno haven't a clue, just that it would be handy to have such a tool for mappers and movie makers.

    Too many things have to be made from scratch in UnrealEd and some of us, just have layout sense not scripting sense.

    Also it would be handy, for movie makers, wanting to add specific FX to areas of a maps for their machimina scenes, this tool would save hours and hours of work.

    Can anyone make such a thing?

    I mean i don't even know if it would be a Utility or a Mutator or what.... Is it even possible....

    1) It wouldn't be a mutator, as mutators only affect existing gameplay.

    2) Mappers can already do all this, very easily with a volume and a mesh.

    3) The rest can be easily done with Kismet.


      Technically he could make it a mutator if it were to change an existing object in the game. So, changing the existing slow field to a permanent one wouldn't be hard. Just suggesting.


        The point is, you don't change *anything*. The slow field is just a volume and a static mesh. There's nothing to stop anyone using the same volume and mesh in their levels.


          I have no idea what you are talking about.

          You say mappers can do this very easily with a volume and mesh.

          There is no Slow-field volume. First you have to set up a red builder brush then when you go to (Right-click) on the Add Volume button, there is NO Slow-Mo volume. So I'm guessing you have to combine a few things to get this working. (Physics, UTEmitCameraEffect_SlowVolume, etc.... I mean I don't know what you need to get it working, but it's not straight forward.) <-- Would be kool if someone was able to quickly post the procedure to get such thing working....

          That's no longer easy and quick, but really time consuming. I was suggesting a script/mut what ever, to speed this process up, by having everything you need to set up a Slow field volume and be able to tweak it's properties from the one place.

          Particulary from a film makers point of view. That's were I'm stuck, I want to quickly modify this map, by adding a huge Slow-mo (Representing a border between two waring states) volume, so I can place my actors (Literely) on the scene and shoot it.

          Sorry, but there's no tutorial anywere describing the combination of things you need to do to get it working so to me a non-mapper this looks daunting.


            Does anyone know what combination of properties I have to use to get this custom sized non deployable Slow-Mo field working?

            It just won't work.