I used to play ctf in quake1 primarily over dm and I basically just play ut3dm.. It was really enjoyable with the grappling hook in q1ctf because you didn't disappear like with the translocator and it gave you a chance to hit them.. you were also able to grapple while you had the flag. It sounds weird to people that never played q1ctf but basically you could grapple a ceiling at an angle for example and swing pretty far. Also with the air control in q1 you could kinda swing and change direction slightly. So basically you could grapple and swing around a corner..

What was really fun about it was that when you had people on defense you it really really meant something because people that were really good with the hook could grapple in your base and fly out really fast.. I was one of those people. I was able to get a cap with no weapons just using the hook. It sounds cheesy but it was not easy to do at all. I'm pretty much writing this because I tried ut3ctf last night and the experiance is just not as fun as the old q1ctf was.. I wish there was a mod for what i'm explaining (would be great if someone that played threewave quake 1 ctf made it for ut3) They could make the hook like futuristic like or something..kinda like a lazer rope type thing or whatever..

If anyone wants to know a little more heres some of the history behind the hook