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UFO abduction Map Idea

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    UFO abduction Map Idea

    It's a idea i had that i think it can be very different and cool.
    It goes like this:

    You are playing a casual DM, in a very strange scenary, with a dead and scary looking. You find an enemy, but when you gonna shot him, he goes flying right into the sky, and you hear a wierd sound coming from it.

    You have to keep eye in the sky for some strange things that can abduct you. Sometimes, these unidentified objects appears somewhere in the sky, you have to hide yourself from these things.

    ok, i could use this idea for a movie or something, but i think it would be cooler for a map what i had in mind was: make a very high volume that can pull the player up, then animate it so it appears in times by times somewhere in the map. if there is an unlucky player, he is "abducted" by the supposed alien. when the player in pulled up, he goes straight into a kind of kill volume.

    Let me know what you think about that, and if that is really possible to make, i am sure this could be a great map!!