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A simple gamer's MAP/MUTATOR wish list...

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    A simple gamer's MAP/MUTATOR wish list...

    This is just a simple fantasy of mine - to play UT3 on my PS3 with several of these weapon sets, mutators, & maps...

    + Duke Nukem 3D weapons (Shrink Ray + Pipe Bombs = PANTS PARTY!)

    + Ninja Rope (made CTF in UT2k4 feel like a heist)

    + Halo weapons (Sniper/Shotgun/BR? c'mon!)

    + Every previous UT map re-created (I can probably count on this one)

    + Vietnam War TC w/ weapons, soldiers, & jungles (GET SOME!)

    + Bruce Campbell voice announcer ("Double kill?.. Groovy...")

    + Real Life locations (neiborhoods, malls, theme parks, exotic, etc.)

    + oh yeah, & Duke Nukem 3D weapons...

    I can go on, but I'll take a break 4 now. post if you REALLY want me to stop.